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27 April, 2022

Easy Ways To Manage Backpain

We'd all like to know the fastest way to get rid of lower back pain. Backache can be aggravating and taxing at best. This kind of discomfort, at its worst . . .

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31 March, 2022

Understanding Different Types Of ACL Injury

There are various disorders that induce anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) instability in multiple degrees/ ways. Sprains, avulsion fractures, ACL deficits . . .

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21 Febuary, 2022

Now Treatment of Hip, Knee and Shoulder Possible Through Arthroscopy

The term arthroscopy is derived from two Greek words: 'Arthros,' which means 'joint,' and 'Scope,' which means 'to view.' Simply described . . .

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07 December, 2021

Symptoms That You Might Have An ACL Injury

If you are a professional athlete or enjoy recreational sports, an ACL injury is likely to be one of your primary . . .

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07 September, 2021

Tips To Prevent Sports Injuries Before They Happen

Nothing can keep an athlete out of the game faster or for longer than a sports injury. Athletes of all ages, unfortunately, are susceptible to . . .

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20 August, 2021

Major Shoulder Injuries In Sportsmen In India

The shoulder joint is one of the five main body areas in which sports accidents take place. Athletes who overuse their shoulder in throwing. . . .

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19 August, 2021

How To Prevent Sports Injuries

You don't want to be sidelined, no matter whether you play sports or exercise activities. We would both like to avoid time away from the game. . . .

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18 August, 2021

Sports Injuries And Their Treatment

Sports fractures happen during running or while partaking in any sports activity. Athletes are especially at risk for these types of injuries. . . .

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17 August, 2021

The importance of a Knee Brace After an ACL Reconstruction

Recently, if you had an ACL Surgery, or even if you are about to have an ACL reconstruction surgery, you will be sure that you really don't need it back . . .

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16 August, 2021

5 Reasons For Visiting A Orthopedic Doctor

Do you have continued knee or back pain daily? Do you feel uncomfortable or stiff after napping or being inactive for a long time?. . .

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13 August, 2021

5 Major Aching Knees Problem In Women

The knee is deep-seated by the thigh bone conjointly known as a leg bone, the shin bone, and the patella known as the kneecap. . .

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12 August, 2021

Why Undergo A Spine Surgery? Advantages And Risks Of A Spine Surgery

For most of the young people out there, there may seem to be no reasons at all for them that will likely make it possible for them to undergo . . .

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5 August, 2021

Fracture Dislocation, Its Cause And Treatment

Dislocation is a state that occurs when the bones of a joint are knocked out of place. A joint can be partially dislocated or fully dislocated . . .

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28 July, 2021

Reasons Why Sports Medicine Is Important For Athletes

Sports medicine (also known as "sports and exercise medicine") is a medical specialty that focuses on treating and preventing sports and fitness injuries . . .

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8 July, 2021

Shoulder Dislocation And Its Treatment

Getting back in shape is one of the most common New Year's resolutions each year. An unexplained pain in your shoulder can mean a lot of things, like . . .

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5 July, 2021

4 Stages Of Knee Replacement Surgery And Its Recovery

Knowing what to expect from your knee replacement surgery and fully realizing your recovery journey will prepare you for what's ahead. As a Best knee Replacement . . .

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2 July, 2021

Best Foods To Take For Recovery Of Spinal Cord Injury

One of the most important parts of your body is your back. The spinal cord sends signals to the brain, allowing one to experience stimuli. Spinal nerves are another . . .

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28 June, 2021

Astonishing Advantages Of Dry Needling Therapy

Sticking needles into your body to treat pain may sound absurd, but don't underestimate it until you've tried it. Dry needling treatment is used by . . .

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25 June, 2021

How To Prevent Knee Ligament (ACL) Injuries

Athletes are prone to copious fractures during their lifetime. The body takes quite a flogging in sports activities. Many of the injuries to players can be limited, enabling the person to avoid . . .

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23 June, 2021

6 Things That Will Help In Avoiding Back Pain On Your Winter Road Trips

The winters are here once again! When more people take the road this winter for a change of scenery, relaxation is more critical than ever. It's time for some adventure, whether you're taking . . .

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21 June, 2021

ACL - Reconstruction / Surgery / Recovery

The knee is often cited as the most arduous joint in the human body and is subjected to enormous forces during sports movements. These pressures are withstood by several systems . . .

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15 June, 2021

What To Expect From Your Knee Arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy surgery is a kind of treatment where an arthroscope is used to examine associated degreed correction problems. It is not as invasive as regular surgery, and . . .

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13 June, 2021

Choosing The Right Orthopedic Doctor In Chandigarh For Your Child

An educated parent is an empowered parent. The more you know about your child's medical needs, the more equipped you would be to choose the . . .

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10 June, 2021

Knee Replacement Surgery. What Happens Before, During and After?

The knees lose flexibility over occur as a consequence of old age or injuries. As a result of the associated inflammation and discomfort, people. . .

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08 June, 2021

Rehabilitation and Exercise Post Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is a major undertaking, and rehabilitation is a crucial part of helping patients to make the most of their surgery. Basically, rehabilitation . . .

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04 June, 2021

Tips For Avoiding Common Sports Injuries

Being an exhilarating and awe-inspiring field does not make sports an immortal world. The high susceptibility of athletes to injury is a common disadvantage. . .

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23 April, 2021

Why Athletes Should See a Sports Medicine Doctor

The life of a professional athlete is not easy. They have to regularly engage in rigorous workouts and conditioning sessions in order to perform at their best. . .

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22 April, 2021

Preventing And Treating The Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder dislocations are classified into two categories. If the head of the humerus (arm bone) is partly out of the scapula, this is referred to as a partial . . .

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21 April, 2021

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports injury rehabilitation is a safe, therapeutic approach that helps athletes effectively treat pain and achieve optimal performance with...

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